My mom

Anna and her mom Jana Čarnogurská. Personal archive picture.

Anna and her mom Jana Čarnogurská. Personal archive Picture.

My mom is my inspiration. Literally. She has so many attributes that I admire since my childhood.

Eternal youth. She is decorated with beautiful, always smiling face and tiny body. Yes, my mom is lucky because of her natural beauty. But in addition, she is young inside. Reading books, that I also love, spending time with us and our friends, chatting, playing games and going on various trips are her most favorite activities. Gratitude. That’s what I am learning from her my entire life and will keep working hard on it. To be grateful for every little thing that this life may bring to us. To enjoy every single minute, every gift from God and not to complain in every tough situation. Multitasking. The quality that is necessary if I want to set up a family in the future. I desire to be the best mom for my kids, the best wife for my future husband as my mom surely was and still is, so who could be better teacher? Generousness. I am not afraid to say that this is her strongest one. My mom is willing to give people who need help everything. And after that we can see happiness and satisfaction upon her face. And that is the sign of her unhidden generousness. Patience. Last but not least I want to mention this attribute that my mom can be proud of. Patience with me and my two brothers, with my dad and every problem we have passed through. She loves us and helps us in every situation even when we are not acting like she wants, she does not give up till everything will be alright again.

 Anna Čarnogurská

Student of Economics Faculty at Mendelu University in Brno, Czech Republic

Hometown: Sabinov, Slovakia

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